OIC is a not-for-profit organization designed to empower the disadvantaged, the unskilled, unemployed and under-employed people of our community with the opportunity to learn the office, technical and literary skills required for today's employment market.

From the beginning in an abandoned Philadelphia jail house by Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, OIC of America and its affiliates have trained over 3 million disadvantaged and unskilled Americans of all races.  The organization came out at a time when African American people were suffering blatant discrimination and segregation in all aspects of life.  OIC committed itself to attack discrimination and segregation by promoting job opportunities among the disenfranchised,  on both the national and international levels.  The lack of jobs among people remains part of a cycle of perpetual poverty and despair, promulgated not only by discrimination but also by a lack of skills and education.

Take time, learn about OIC and what it has to offer. Our many courses are those of popular desktop applications and technical skills from vendors such as Microsoft, Novell, and other leading companies. By choosing OIC for your computer training and other skills, you will develop and be well on your way to compete in today's ever changing job market.  


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